LM Concludes Looking Forward Series

The past year has been one of patience, lessons, and re-evaluation. As we look to the future, we can utilize our collective experience and use it as an opportunity to build more productive, vibrant, and inclusive businesses and communities.

Over the last month, LM has presented a series of events intended to convene our community around rebuilding and recovery. The series began with a special member-exclusive CEO Conversation with Jim Conlon, Owner and Founder of Elysian Energy, discussing how businesses and organizations can use our new realities as an opportunity to revisit goals, reengage employees and improve the new working model. Jim was joined by Katie Conlon, Coach, Trainer and Founder of The Phoenix Nest. She was able to build upon these concepts and offered insight on how to manage them remotely.

In our second series, we focused on Resiliency and heard from our panelists about how shifts in their organizations have made them even stronger.

The third series discussed Health and Values Based Leadership. We welcomed several experts in the health and community engagement fields who talked about about the importance of community feedback—particularly from the most vulnerable populations—when addressing health concerns.

The series wrapped up with our final two panelists discussion their New Business Models. They shared with us lessons learned while re-strategizing their old business models and how these concepts will play a part in their future plans.

You can view replay of all 4 parts here.