From SLM to Encore: What’s Changed?

Hello SLM alum! It is application time here at LM.  This year, we have exciting things planned for the revamped Encore (Formerly SLM) program, and we can’t wait for the class to begin in September.  Many of the program participants hear about LM through word-of-mouth from alum, so we’d like to answer some FAQs to ensure you have the right tools to help spread the word.

What is Encore?

In a nutshell, this program has been revamped to focus on the needs of leaders as they transition out of full-time employment. We changed the name to better identify this unique group of leaders past the CORE phase. (Not to mention getting rid of that “S” word)

LM recognizes that leaders have specific questions as they think about the needs of next phase of their lives:

  • Do they spend this time volunteering and giving back to the community?
  • Do they use their experience and skills to consult with other businesses?
  • Do they turn a hobby into a side business?
  • What types of resources and opportunities are available in the County?
  • What information do they need to stay connected and informed about Montgomery County

The goal of this program is for participants to work through these questions while learning about and experiencing our county through the lens of a transitioning professional.

In addition to one session day focused on the key components of transitioning from full-time work (personal assessments, plans, identifying both challenges and opportunities), Encore participants will have sessions focused on the following:

  • Public Safety: Opportunities may include meeting with representatives from the police and fire departments and participating in ride-alongs with them for a once-in-a-lifetime understanding of what it means to keep our community safe.
  • Arts and culture:  Learn about the vibrant and vital arts and culture opportunities, including performing arts, museums, and visual arts, and their impact on the county.
  • Get to Know the County:  Learn about the county’s history, get an inside peek at how the county operates, and meet with leaders in county government.
  • Joint Session Day: NEW this year will be a joint session with the current cohorts of EL and CORE. All three programs will meet in one place to discuss the county’s current critical issues, like transportation, housing, the safety net, and other relevant topics that may arise during the program year. This presents a unique opportunity to discuss not just issues across sectors but also across generations. Now that’s leadership!

In the months between session days, we have additional opportunities for learning and connection

Who is the Encore Program For?

The Encore program is for people planning to retire from full-time work within the next twelve months or who have retired within the last five years. Think about those you know who are thinking about how to lead in their next life phase. We want to help leaders with a wealth of knowledge and experience shape their leadership through a post-full-time, post-professional lens.

What financial assistance is available?

LM understands the unique fiscal challenges facing retiring (or soon-to-be) individuals. We fundraise each year to provide tuition assistance for our CORE, EL, and Encore participants. Future participants can submit a form with their application to request tuition assistance. There is also an option for participating in a payment plan. We will work with each individual to create a personalized plan that fits within their budget.

Why should I tell someone about Encore? I’m an SLM Alum!

  • Remember those connections you made during your time in the program? (SLM 2009, we know you still meet regularly!)
  • Remember *that thing* you learned about the county during a session day, even though you lived and/or worked in Montgomery County for years/decades?
  • Remember that session that sparked an idea that helped you improve the community?

Encore participants will experience that. They will also have the opportunity for assessment and reflection about transitioning from full-time work to something else meaningful. They will also have additional opportunities beyond session days to attend the same events and learning enhancements as you, an engaged alum.

The simplest way to think about the EL, CORE and Encore programs:

Emerging Leaders: Learning to build leadership

CORE: Learning to enhance leadership

Encore: Learning to transition leadership

See 2023-24 session dates, including the joint session with EL and CORE.