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To educate, inspire, convene and connect leaders to advance Montgomery County

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A thriving Montgomery County supported by a network of engaged leaders.


Action, Integrity, Diversity, Engagement, Inclusion & Growth

These values build a culture that celebrates different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds across operations including strategic planning, programming, recruitment, staff and board composition, vendor selection, and branding.


Equity is a leadership issue and drives our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We provide the programming, trainings, and experiential learning that strong and engaged leaders need to address disparities and embark on the work it will take to eliminate them.

It is imperative to continue engaging leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sector around these issues to impact the greater good of our region.

Finally, we will continue to explore subjects that Montgomery County leaders find relevant and work with them in meaningful and impactful ways that align with our values and improve the community in which we live and work.

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Programs for Building a Network of Engaged Leaders

In the last 31 years, we have graduated over 2,500 leaders, 955 of whom now hold board seats in County-based businesses, supported 864 local nonprofits with more than 30,000 hours of annual volunteer service, and have trained more than 650 high school and other emerging leaders through our programs.

A program designed for people 55+ who are mid/late career, retired/semi-retired, or career transitioning professionals and wish to learn more about county issues and community involvement.


LM’s flagship program is designed for experienced leaders across all sectors, who want to gain a deeper understanding of local issues, connect with other key decision-makers, and explore ways to collaboratively strengthen our community.


A dynamic, professional development program that provides mid-level professionals with the critical tools and connections essential for success.


This program is designed to provide organizations the awareness, skills and structures needed to identify and implement practices that lead to racially equitable outcomes.


Designed to connect businesses and professionals to structured volunteer and community engagement opportunities in Montgomery County.



“Participating in Leadership Montgomery’s REAL Inclusion Program has been transformational. Learning about the painful history of slavery, colonization, racial and ethnic discrimination, socio-political and economic privilege, and oppression comes with a tremendous amount of self-reflection and deep emotion. The REAL Inclusion Program has taken my colleagues and I on a journey that has opened up our minds and hearts to the impact of this history in our lives both at work and at home. What I’ve learned is that it takes all of us to make crucial, system-level changes to support equitable practices, programs and policies in our organization.”

Marilyn Lynk, Ph.D., Executive Director | Adventist HealthCare Center for Health Equity & Wellness

“One of my core beliefs as County Executive was in the pursuit of the common good by working for and with Montgomery County’s diverse community members. And when I see organizations like Leadership Montgomery…it gives me great optimism for the businesses and citizens of our great county.”

Isiah Leggett, Former Montgomery County Executive




Leadership Montgomery is advancing Montgomery County through a network of more than 2,500 public, private and nonprofit leaders who share a commitment to making meaningful changes for a thriving community. In existence for more than 30 years, Leadership Montgomery educates, inspires, convenes and connects leaders through programs supported by a hands-on learning curriculum and service-based programs. Our participants emerge better connected to people, organizations, and volunteer opportunities through improved understanding, services and relationships.

Currently, LM offers five programs that uniquely connect leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Our three experiential programs, Emerging Leaders (EL), Senior Leadership Montgomery (SLM) and our flagship Connecting Our Region’s Exes (CORE) program utilize a hands-on learning curriculum, targeted Montgomery County locations as the classroom and in-depth discussions.

Our Leadership in Action pathway deepens our network’s community impact through our Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) and Race Equity Action Leadership (REAL Inclusion) programs. The CVC program connects businesses to structured volunteer opportunities, matching community needs with business’ unique involvement goals.  REAL Inclusion program provides organizations with awareness, skills and infrastructure needed to identify and implement practices that lead to racially equitable outcomes within their own organizations.

We are the educators on county issues. We are the trainers of tomorrow’s leaders. We are the events and programs that connect the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Finally, we are the pathway to service in our community. Our members, participants, volunteers, sponsors, and partners are a representation of the diversity that has become a hallmark of the county.

By engaging with LM, you will have access to a network of passionate leaders who contribute considerable time, talent and energy to the betterment of the community.  In addition, you will become more aware of the social and economic forces and issues in Montgomery County, and you will develop a greater appreciation for all the County has to offer.

Program participants have the option to continue engagement through an LM membership and enjoy offerings, trainings, events and benefits available only to them. They can also take advantage of another LM program and encourage their networks to become involved through one of our programs.

LM leaders serve on more than 1,000 boards, committees and commissions in the county and region. Our network of leaders also serve more than 30,000 hours of volunteer work annually. 

Previous program participants stay engaged with Leadership Montgomery through involvement on LM committees, Board of Directors, and serve as program speakers and presenters. 

Since tuition covers less than half of the Leadership Montgomery operating budget, individuals, businesses and organizations that recognize Leadership Montgomery’s role in Montgomery County provide generous financial and in-kind support.

Leadership Montgomery welcomes program sponsors, program day hosts, event sponsors, donations for scholarship funds and access to community engagement opportunities.

Leadership Montgomery maintains a collaborative relationship with area community leadership programs and is a member of the Association of Leadership Professionals.


When you join Leadership Montgomery, you become part of an engaged network of leaders who are helping Montgomery County thrive.