Lieutenant Governor-Elect Miller, Other Alumni Poised to Take Office

Lieutenant Governor-elect Aruna Miller (CORE 2013) leads the list of Leadership Montgomery (LM) alumni who were successful in their bids for election to public office. More than 20 LM alums from three of LM’s leadership programs were on the ballot during yesterday’s general election.* (Nearly 40 appeared on the ballot for the primary back in July).

LM’s mission is to connect and prepare leaders to build thriving and inclusive workplaces and communities.

By gathering leaders across public, private, and nonprofit sectors, The organization offers a unique opportunity for participants to engage in collaborative discussions providing unique perspectives that create solutions to challenges facing our region.

“For more than 30 years, our organization has been the gathering place for leaders who want to grow and make change in their community,” said Dana Pauley, President and CEO. “No matter the sector, participants strengthen their leadership through our programs. We are truly excited to see how these (and all) alumni will put their leadership to use for the greater good of our community.”

Aspirations for political office vary. Some enter the program already serving as elected officials, while others decide to get involved after completing the program. Regardless of the timeline and reason, LM has always worked to support the needs of our county’s cross-sector leaders.

Once the results are certified, Miller will be the first LM grad elected to the position. Two of her classmates, Marc Korman (CORE 2013) and Karla Silvestre (CORE 2013), were also successful in their bids for reelection to the MD House of Delegates and Montgomery County School Board, respectively. Other classes with multiple candidates on the ballot were CORE 2005, CORE 2017, and CORE 2020.

Come December, seven of the 11 Montgomery County Council members will have participated in an LM Leadership Program: Gabe Albornoz (CORE 2008), Marilyn Balcombe (CORE 2000), Andrew Friedson (CORE 2020), Evan Glass (CORE 2010), Natali Fani-Gonzalez (CORE 2021), Laurie-Anne Sayles (CORE 2017) and Kate Stewart (CORE 2020).

When election results become official, LM will have alumni representation in the Montgomery County Council, Montgomery County Board of Education, MD House of Representatives, MD Senate, and the office of MD Lieutenant Governor. Below is a list of alums who are poised to take office:

*LM does not, nor has it ever endorsed any candidate for political office.

Board of Education Grace Rivera Oven CORE 1996
Board of Education Karla Silvestre CORE 2013
Board of Education Brenda Wolff SLM 2018
Board of Education Julie Yang CORE 2020
County Council Gabe Albornoz CORE 2008
County Council Marilyn Balcombe CORE 2000
County Council Natali Fani Gonzalez CORE 2021
County Council Andrew Friedson CORE 2020
County Council Evan Glass CORE 2010
County Council Laurie-Anne Sayles CORE 2017
County Council Kate Stewart CORE 2020
Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller CORE 2013
MD House of Delegates Charlotte Crutchfield CORE 2017
MD House of Delegates David Fraser-Hildago CORE 2008
MD House of Delegates Anne Kaiser CORE 2005
MD House of Delegates Aaron Kaufman EL 2015
MD House of Delegates Ariana Kelly CORE 2014
MD House of Delegates Marc Korman CORE 2013
MD House of Delegates Lily Qi CORE 2005
MD House of Delegates Jheanelle Wilkins CORE 2020
MD Senate Cheryl Kagan CORE 2002