Through consultations, Leadership Montgomery can provide an expert assessment of your DEI initiatives with evidence-based approaches and cultivate specialized trainings to help evaluate workplace impact, develop goals, and strengthen DEI integration.

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Once treated as a human resources function to ensure compliance with federal statutes, the norm is now for DEI to be embedded in all aspects of businesses in response to rapidly changing demographics, deepening cross-cultural collaboration, and the need to understand and eradicate historical barriers that have hampered some employee productivity and stymied their path to career advancement. These barriers have included race, ethnicity, gender, religion, places of origin, and similar characteristics. Rather than relying on the personal choices or preferences of business owners and their managers, the need is for assessments and specialized training rooted in evidence-based approaches. These tactics help employers identify and dismantle barriers within their organizations and help them build cultures that are respectful, equitable, and productive. LM focuses on racial equity, social inclusion, cultural competence, and organizational culture. Specific services relative to these topics are offered as follows:

Available Consulting Services

  • In-Person Needs Assessment: We will work closely with your team to evaluate your workplace relative to diversity, equity, and inclusion while determining specific areas of strength and areas requiring further attention and development.

  • Identify and Communicate Organization’s DEI Culture: We work with leaders to help them develop holistic understanding of their organizational culture relative to DEI, and its impact on their brand and productivity.

  • Workplace Integration with Benchmarking and Goal-Setting: Through our consultation, we will help to establish indices and goals, that help businesses and organizations advance efforts beyond representation to full integration based on race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, age, or disability.

  • Impact Program Development: We will work with your business or organization to develop impact programs to help advance DEI and CSR goals.

  • Individualized Strategy Development: Design and implement strategies and programs that enable your organization to effectively promote DEI while weaving it into all aspects of your organization’s operations and culture.

For more information about LM’s consulting services, please contact us at 301.881.3333