Capacity Partners: A Testament to the Power of the
Leadership Montgomery Network

The success of Capacity Partners, one of Montgomery County’s leading consulting firms serving nonprofit organizations, associations and government, is a testament to the power of the remarkable Leadership Montgomery (LM) network.

Dedicated to improving our community, Capacity Partners shares LM ‘s passion for building a thriving community for all. By working together effectively, board members, nonprofit executive, staff, and volunteers make Montgomery County a better, more equitable place in which to live and work.

When Mary Robinson (CORE 2010), the founder and president of Capacity Partners, decided to grow her company from a solo practice to a full-service firm, she turned to Leadership Montgomery. “LM people are smart, dedicated, and community-minded.  One of my earliest partner consultants was Sara Watkins, whom I met through Leadership Montgomery. As my firm expands, I know no matter what skill I need, I can usually find it in a Leadership Montgomery alum.”

The list of LM participants that are part of the Capacity Partners team is long, including Amy Ginsburg (CORE 2010), Margo Reid (SLM 2017), Daniel Wacker (MoCo Insider), Sara Watkins (CORE 2004), and Joan Schaffer (SLM 2010). Other LM grads, such as Marjorie Goldman (CORE 2010), Michael Mael (CORE 2005), Shelly Ducker (CORE 2010) and Kathy Stevens (CORE 2011) have also consulted on Capacity Partners’ projects.

Equally important, dozens of Capacity Partners clients have connections to Leadership Montgomery, including Nonprofit Montgomery, Manna Food Center, Interfaith Works, MCAEL, Nonprofit Village, Friends of the Library, Gandhi Brigade Youth Media, Artivate,  The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce, Housing Unlimited, Committee for Montgomery, White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, Interfaith Network, Big Learning, Crossroad Community Food Network, Arts on the Block, BlackRock Center for the Arts, Everymind, Passion for Learning, Foundation for Jewish Studies, and more.

“We love all our clients,” said Mary Robinson, “and I must admit to a special fondness for those who are part of the Leadership Montgomery family.”

Capacity Partners also partnered with Leadership Montgomery to create LM’s renowned BoardMatch Montgomery program. Wylea Chase, LM’s Director of Partnerships and Corporate Engagement said “When we developed BoardMatch Montgomery as part of our Leadership In Action Initiative, we were delighted to partner with Capacity Partners to create a highly successful program. Along with Nonprofit Montgomery, they have helped us connect prepared, dedicated local leaders who want to serve on a board of directors with Montgomery County’s top nonprofit organizations with thoughtfully developed trainings and a high-touch matching process.”

Both Capacity Partners and Leadership Montgomery epitomize the power of community and connection. “Our partnership with Capacity Partners helps us to strengthen our leaders, their organizations, and the Montgomery County community as a whole,” said C. Marie Taylor, LM’s President and CEO.

Capacity Partners guides nonprofits to achieve transformative results through strategic planning, fundraising, board development, and management consulting. Strategic, creative and insightful, Capacity Partners merges original thinking and best practices to offer their clients proven results and an unwavering commitment to making a difference.

 Written by Amy Ginsburg (CORE 2010)