Leaders Vote: Election Resources

We at LM connect and prepare leaders to build thriving, inclusive workplaces and communities. That means supporting leaders across all sectors by providing them with the necessary resources to thrive. As leaders, we often make critical decisions that affect others. Therefore, we must make decisions with information and details that are fact-based. If appropriate, we must take the time to gather as much information to make the most informed decision.

In this blog, we are not talking about strategic company decisions or systems changes. Perhaps the decision (and action) to vote in local elections is just as important. We all play a role, and, as leaders, we must not only complete our civic duty but encourage others to do the same, no matter their political views.

Here in Maryland, the primary election is in a few weeks. The election may have fallen off our radars with the pandemic and the delay to a summer polling date. We are proud to say that in Montgomery County races alone, more than 30 candidates in the upcoming primary are LM alum. What a representation!

Here is a quick list of dates to know:

  • Early Voting begins Thursday, July 7th
  • Early Voting ends Thursday, July 14th
  • Primary Election Day is Tuesday, July 19th

Below is a list of resources you may find helpful as you make your voting decisions:

Have more resources that can help better prepare our leaders? Add them in the comments below. (non-partisan, fact-based info only, please)