From Alumni to All-In:
5 Reasons Why LM Alumni Belong at Homecoming

Get ready to celebrate and show your Leadership Montgomery pride! LM’s annual Homecoming event on October 5th is just around the corner.

If you’re a leadership program alum, you don’t want to miss it.

Whether you graduated last year, last decade, or in a year that began with “19”, this year’s Homecoming promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with nostalgia, laughter, and impactful moments.

From meeting the new class participants to seizing new opportunities, here are the top five reasons why every proud LM alum should mark their calendars and head to the Silver Spring Civic Building on October 5th:

1. Seize the Opportunity:  Homecoming gathers an unparalleled mix of influential county leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Only through LM can you find such an extraordinary opportunity to make connections, expand your professional network, and begin conversations that create meaningful partnerships that positively impact our community.

2. Reunite With Your Classmates: Homecoming can be a sentimental trip back to an instrumental part of your leadership journey. It’s a chance to reminisce about your experiences and create new memories.

3. It’s a Celebration: Homecoming is also a time to celebrate the impact and successes of Leadership Montgomery, reflect on its footprint in the community, and honor those who have contributed to its success.

4. Meet the 2024 EL, CORE, and Encore Classes: It’s the ONLY chance alums can meet all the classes in one place.

5. Support the Organization: By becoming a reengaged alum, you give back to the organization that played a critical role in your personal and professional development (have an LM impact story? Tell us about it). You also support future leaders by renewing your engagement fees (membership). Homecoming is FREE to alumni who have renewed, or $40 if you don’t.

These are just a few reasons why Homecoming is a must-attend event. Why do you attend Homecoming? Tell us on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.