Reflections on Israel-Hamas War

As a result of the conflict that has taken place in Israel, we are aware that many in the LM network and around the region have been directly affected. It is impossible to ignore the loss, grief, and anxiety currently experienced by so many.

We support all those navigating the extremely difficult process of connecting with and ensuring the safety of their loved ones in the war zone. We also denounce heinous acts in no uncertain terms.

This is a moment where we need to remember humanity and acknowledge that many are not okay. There are many ways to process what is happening, and we can’t continue business as usual.

Here are some resources to help talk about it-

The next few days and weeks will be difficult. We, as leaders, have an opportunity to demonstrate support and to be there for one another. During this time, we will continue to provide opportunities for connection. Many LM alumni have the skills, expertise, and resources to assist others in this difficult time. Lean on them, and please answer the call if outreach is made. We encourage alumni to utilize the Alumni Directory. Contact us directly if you have additional questions about connecting to support.

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