LM Program Update: REAL Inclusion’s Inaugural Cohort

They’ve danced. They’ve sighed. They’ve reflected. They’ve asked hard questions. A commitment to ending racism in your workplace is a big one and it is complex.

Since October, LM’s REAL Inclusion program has done a deep dive into how racism can present itself in the workplace; the effect that it has on the economy (both from a household standpoint and from a county standpoint); and how to stay grounded while on their race equity journeys. They started as individuals here for different reasons and are becoming a group of change agents, poised to change several workplaces.

Now more than halfway through the program, the rubber will soon meet the road for the cohort. In their remaining sessions they will begin to form organizational action plans. They will look at the workplaces that they represent and the underlying dynamics and practices to understand how racism presents itself. They will learn how to have internal conversations with coworkers and address barriers/obstacles that they may find as they begin to implement their plan.

Leadership Montgomery has existed for thirty years to connect leaders who are diverse across race, gender, religion, identity, and experience. We provide the programming, trainings, and experiential learning that strong and engaged leaders need to address disparities and embark on the work it will take to eliminate them.

Montgomery County is a fantastic place to live and work. Imagine what it would look like if race no longer had an implication for its residents’ health, wealth, and wellbeing? It is time for businesses to embrace racial equity, even if they don’t fully understand it yet. It is the right thing to do, wanting a thriving community surrounding their livelihood.

Join us, in partnership with Mission Partners on October 6, 2020 at AMP Powered by Strathmore for The Business Case for Race Equity. This two-part program will begin with a conversation with W.K Kellogg Foundation to discuss their Business Case for Racial Equity study and bridge the gap between policy and practice. That presentation will be followed by a panel discussion from regional and national businesses who are operating from a racial equity lens and then offers an opportunity to stay for a mutuality lunch. The event is intended for business professionals who are looking to learn more about race equity. Seats are limited!

Leadership Montgomery is finalizing plans for the next cohort of REAL Inclusion that will launch June 8, 2020. Start forming your team and apply here for the cohort.