Award Selection Criteria

Deadline for all nominations is Friday, November 29, 2019.


  • Is the employee volunteer program (EVP) aligned with business objectives?
    • Contribute to build Brand/corporate visibility?
    • Enhance employee engagement and retention?
    • Support a license to operate?
  • Is there alignment with community need?
  • Are resources/potential partners leveraged?
    • Utilizing the LM network and CVC program resources?
    • Collaborating with related non-profit or businesses?


  • Does top management/executive support the EVP?
  • Are efforts combined with financial/in-kind support?
  • Does the EVP have metrics in place and are results evaluated?
  • Are there recognition/awards program opportunities for employee volunteers?
  • Are efforts communicated internally and externally?

Other Considerations

  • Innovative approach?
  • What is the percentage of participation?
  • How many hours were volunteered?
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