Day of Service – Junior Achievement at Finance Park

Tuesday | April 9, 2024
8:30 AM – 1:45 PM

JA Finance Park Montgomery
12501 Dalewood Drive
Silver Spring, MD  20906

JA Finance Park® is an innovation in experiential education designed to prepare our region’s youth for life and work in the real world.  As a JA Volunteer, you’ll watch students step into the future and catch a glimpse of what’s possible if they take control of their financial future. JA students need your experience, expertise and commitment to help them be 100% inspired, 100% prepared and 100% employed when the time comes.

What to expect from your volunteer experience:

  • The total time commitment is 5 hours 15 minutes, including a 1-hour training the morning of your scheduled volunteer day.

  • You will help guide students through different phases of the day, which simulate real-world budgeting decisions, spending research, and bill payment.

  • Then you’ll share your own life experiences and help them walk a day in your shoes. You bring the program to life.

This opportunity is ONLY open to Current LM Members and 2024 Class Participants.