Leadership Montgomery was proud to partner with AARP Maryland for a four part educational series focused on older adults.  Thanks to everyone that attended our events, and thanks to AARP for providing such great information and speakers.

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AARP and Vaccines- How is AARP advocating for older Marylanders?

For our first session, we welcomed AARP Maryland’s Communications Director, Nancy Carr, to walk us through AARP’s position on vaccines, the latest on vaccine outreach in Maryland,  and how the state has handled distribution to date. Nancy also discussed all of the ways that AARP Maryland has worked to hold the state accountable for the prioritization of vaccine distribution groups and what volunteers can do to help spearhead future efforts.

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AARP – Fraud Watch Network – Be Vigilant

In our second session, AARP Volunteer Ted Meyerson discussed the latest and greatest tactics fraudsters are using to get their hands on the billions of dollars stolen from unsuspecting Americans each year. He explained AARP’s efforts through the Fraud Watch Network, how identity theft happens, the most common types of scams and how members of the community can be part of the solution.   We also learned about “Protect Week” to raise statewide awareness around the issue of elder financial exploitation.

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AARP – The Mental Health of Older Adults in Maryland

In our third session, AARP accredited mental health researcher, Michael Friedman, discussed trends in mental health as we age; where the gaps in resources and treatments exist; preventive measures; and how COVID 19 brought to light the true consequences of social isolation. He shared how you can become an advocate for Marylanders and help combat issues around access to treatment, stigma, and inequities in care.

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AARP – Livable Communities and the AARP Network of Age Friendly Communities

In our fourth and final session, Montgomery County’s Age Friendly Community Coordinator, Marcia Pruzan and Montgomery County’s Chief of Aging and Disability Services, Odile Brunetto and AARP Maryland’s, Jen Holz discussed Livable Communities in Montgomery County. Topics included affordable housing, outdoor spaces, civic engagement, and examples of how we can create great places to live for people of all ages- at the hyperlocal level. Many current efforts are already taking place in Montgomery County. Learn how you can get involved!

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